A New Look


Sometimes things come crashing down emotionally.  I didn’t realize what an emotional toll being so ill in the hospital with a double kidney infection had until yesterday.  I didn’t let myself feel it in the midst of the crisis.  I guess I was in survival mode.  Literally.

But yesterday gave me a chance to reflect on it.  I was at my regular monthly appointment with my psychiatrist (who I absolutely adore), and he was asking me the normal questions about my physical health as it affects my mental health and everything just sort of hit me.  And I started to cry.  All the stress I had been burrying so I could make it through the hosptial stay and infection and 10 days of at home IV antibiotics came bubbling up to the surface.  I didn’t shed many tears because my illness, Sjogren’s Syndrome, damages my tear production… among other things.  And that made me cry harder.

And then finally dealing with my immediate past made me think about my immediate and not so immediate future.  And I cried because the future is so unknown and that is just plain scary.  This round of IV immunospupressants – Rituxan – doesn’t seem to have worked.  That is enough to make me cry in itself.  It is just so disappointing.  I am unsure what I should do next?  Should I risk suppressing my immune system further and more potentially dangerous infections like the one I’m just recovering from and get another round?  Will it even work?  Should I try something even stronger?  Or should I not take the risk and learn to accept my life as it is.  Is my new “normal” getting around in a wheelchair and being in pain and exhausted all the time with dibilitating and life threatening symptoms?  Is that how I’m going to be forever?  If this is how I am at 25, what will my life be like at 50?  Will I ever be independent again?  Will I need a caregiver forever?  And the scariest of all… how long is forever if I continue to be this sick?  Will I die from my autoimmune diseases and not with it?

But after crying this out of my system I realized I need a “new look” on many levels.  I can’t LIVE my life if I’m thinking this way all the time, so I don’t.  But I did need to get it out of my system once and a while.  The rest of the time I am thankful for what I still do have.  I am usually happy.  I have a wonderful caregiver in whom I’ve found a great friend as well.  I have the most wonderful and supportive community of online friends a girl could ask for.  I have a sister who does everything she’s able to support me.  A dog who loves give me cuddle therapy.  My writing, creativity, faith in myself, and most importantly HOPE!

I also got myself a “new look” in a more literal sense.  A new haircut and a new outfit.

New Outfit New Haircut

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4 Comments to

“A New Look”

  1. On August 26th, 2009 at 7:11 am Celina Says:

    You look fantastic! Big hugs {{{{}}}}}

    Reply to Celina

  2. On August 29th, 2009 at 8:15 am sclerogrrl Says:

    This hits home on so many levels. I fear the unknown future. I’m glad that you have a psychiatrist who you feel comfortable with and a safe place to “let it all out”.

    Reply to sclerogrrl

  3. On August 29th, 2009 at 10:22 am AlisonH Says:

    After 19 years lupus here and 10 of Crohn’s, somehow, the future just keeps on coming and it does work out. Hang in there!

    Reply to AlisonH

  4. On August 31st, 2009 at 2:24 pm sirpoins Says:

    You look great Belle! Keep that chin up…you’re a great fighter!

    Reply to sirpoins

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