Recovery Blues


The recovery process after a long hospitalization can be long, boring, and frankly difficult on so many levels.  Yes, I said after a long hospitalization.  I’m pleased to share I’ll have been home three weeks on Monday!  And while being home is an infinite improvement over being in the hospital, it raises new challenges, frustrations, and disappointments.

I’ve been very limited in what I’ve been able to do for myself due to pain and extreme fatigue and lack of endurance.  I have a long way to build back up, and I have to be patient.  But I don’t want to be patient right now.  Right now, just walking to the bathroom and back is enough to exhaust me.  But I fantasize about walking around my family’s Hanukkah party on Sunday.  If I am even up to going at all.  I didn’t make it to my family’s Thanksgiving.  Another big disappointment.

Being sick I’ve missed out on so many important events.  Holidays, birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  Laying in bed it’s sometimes hard not to feel like life is passing me by.    I’ve lost so much and given up so much.  A million tiny and not so tiny disappointments.  Too much to count or quantify. But each a pain that runs so deep it sometimes threatens to swallow me up.  But there’s also so many things I’ve gained.  I just hope that it balances out in the end.

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“Recovery Blues”

  1. On December 5th, 2010 at 6:01 am sarah Says:

    your posts…although sad…shows your positive attitude. Stay strong

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